doubles, doubling, doubled
1) ADJ: ADJ n You use double to indicate that something includes or is made of two things of the same kind.

...a pair of double doors into the room from the new entrance hall.

...a lone skier gliding along smooth double tracks.

...three varieties: double toffee, double chocolate, and vanilla.

2) ADJ: ADJ n You use double before a singular noun to refer to two things of the same type that occur together, or that are connected in some way. extremely nasty double murder...

The government committed a double blunder...

It was to have been a double wedding.

3) PREDET: PREDET the n If something is double the amount or size of another thing, it is twice as large.

The offer was to start a new research laboratory at double the salary he was then getting...

Leeds Prison is reported to have almost double the number of prisoners it's designed to accommodate.

...tropical Queensland, more than double the size of Texas.

Double is also a pronoun.

On average doctors write just over seven prescriptions each year per patient; in Germany it is double.

4) ADJ You use double to describe something which is twice the normal size or can hold twice the normal quantity of something.

...a double helping of ice cream.

...a large double garage...

Allow the loaves to rise until just about double in size.

5) ADJ: usu ADJ n A double room is a room intended for two people, usually a couple, to stay or live in.

...bed and breakfast for ₤180 for two people in a double room.

Double is also a noun.

The Great Western Hotel is ideal, costing around ₤60 a night for a double.

6) ADJ: ADJ n A double bed is a bed that is wide enough for two people to sleep in.
7) ADJ: ADJ n You use double to describe a drink that is twice the normal measure.

He was drinking his double whiskey too fast and scowling.

Double is also a noun.

`Give me a whisky,' Debilly said to Francis. `Make it a double.'

8) ADJ: ADJ n Double is used when you are spelling a word or telling someone a number to show that a letter or digit is repeated.

Ring four two double two double two if you'd like to speak to our financial adviser.

9) V-ERG When something doubles or when you double it, it becomes twice as great in number, amount, or size.

The number of managers must double to 100 within 3 years...

[V n] The program will double the amount of money available to help pay for child care.

10) N-COUNT: poss N If you refer to someone as a person's double, you mean that they look exactly like them.

Your mother sees you as her double.

11) VERB If a person or thing doubles as someone or something else, they have a second job or purpose as well as their main one.

[V as n] ...a farmer who doubles as a night nurse...

[V as n] Lots of homes in town double as businesses.

Double up means the same as double.

V P as n The lids of the casserole dishes are designed to double up as baking dishes.

12) N-UNCOUNT In tennis or badminton, when people play doubles, two teams consisting of two players on each team play against each other on the same court.
13) PHRASE: usu PHR after v If you do something at the double or on the double, you do it very quickly or immediately. [INFORMAL]

Two soldiers entered at the double and saluted...

Come to my office, please, at the double.

14) PHRASE: V inflects When you bend double, you bend the top half of your body downwards a long way.

There wasn't room to stand up and he had to bend double.

15) PHRASE: v-link PHR If you are bent double, the top half of your body is bent downwards so that your head is close to your knees.

Before sunrise pickers are bent double, plucking each flower with lightning speed.

16) PHRASE: V inflects If you are seeing double, there is something wrong with your eyes, and you can see two images instead of one.

For 35 minutes I was walking around in a daze. I was dizzy, seeing double.

17) in double figuressee figure
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